Premium Blooms

The objective of PB’s is to provide our customers with the best, freshest and highest quality products, direct from our farms, and at a fraction of the cost that otherwise the end user would have paid to a florist or even to a supermarket.

Logistics and Distribution Advantage

Due to our unique distribution system, we deliver the freshest, longest lasting and best value fresh cut flowers available in the market today to any zip code in the USA.

Reasons for High Quality and Low Prices

Product Line

Cut Flowers in Bulk:

This is the cheapest and best value category, caters to the segment with a limited budget.

This category is a “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) from scratch.

Product includes literally hundreds of all major flower species.

Fits to any budget and style.

Allow customers to use their creativity and talent.

High-End Premade Bouquets:

Designed by experienced floral designers, they come in a box that contains an average of 10 bouquets of 15 stems of at least 5 different high-end types of flowers like: Lilies, roses, sunflowers, dianthus, godethia, asters, achilea, gypsophila, statice, etc. which make them both unique and affordable.

Fits all budgets, these bouquets are your starter kits for DIY, just add other flowers, fillers, decorative details to match your event theme

Ideal and very inexpensive to use as: Bridal Bouquet (place two together), Bridesmaid Bouquets, Centerpieces, and Ceremony Decoration etc.

Perfect for any event, special occasion, business or home decoration

Wedding arrangements and Centerpieces:

Broad Selection Wedding Collections, which include:



Toss Away

Corsages and

(Vases not included)

Add-ons to meet
specific demands

Gift Arrangements:

Designed for gift giving, includes a flower vase and gift card, ships via FedEx priority overnight and is delivered before noon.

Our patented packaging is very efficient:

Lower freight costs due to smaller and efficient box sizes

The materials we use are of the highest quality in the industry

Designed to withstand abuse from all carriers and handlers

Our boxes are easy to handle and need a very little storage area